Europlan website redesign

We helped Europlan launch their new brand identity with a vibrant new website, raising the industry bar.

Scratch has been a strategic partner for Europlan since 2012, helping with website development, digital strategy, email marketing and graphic design. Today, we remain a trusted advisor to Europlan, and an extension of the team.

Our most recent engagement was the development of a new website to launch a transformational brand strategy. Through this new website we were looking to bring their vibrant new brand identity to life and showcase the extensive product range. But this being said, the website wasn’t a product-first approach; it was equally important to tell the back-story and communicate a compelling value proposition – helping users understand how Europlan is different than the competition.

There was a very strong emphasis on lead-generation. To this end, we deployed our best-practice conversion techniques across the site – carefully crafted calls to action placed strategically to ensure that when the user was ready to get in touch that we were enticing them to do so in a quick and intuitive manner.

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"Europlan has worked with Scratch for 7 years. Over that time Scratch have consistently presented future proofed and premium digital solutions, chock-full of value add. They have an innate understanding of our business and deliver outcomes that drive our long term and successful partnership."
Emma Bell-Norris Marketing Manager
A new look
This was a truly transformational change for Europlan, moving from an old brand and product-led website strategy to a fresh new look and clear value proposition.
ss europlan website redesign products dt

Engaging product search

The use of conversational language for product filtering and a non-uniform grid layout delivers a truly intuitive and interesting user experience.

ss europlan website redesign quote dt

Seamless conversion

Our slide out lead generation form means that as soon as the user is ready to take that next step, they can do so quickly and intuitively, and without losing their place on the page.

ss europlan website redesign projects dt

Stunning portfolio

To further build trust with the user, we designed a visually striking project gallery with conversational-style filtering, allowing the user to easily find projects most relevant to their own.

ft europlan website redesign blog

Beautiful blog

A fully featured and great looking blog to support content marketing and PR efforts, complete with on-page filtering and built-in calls to action to drive conversion in a subtle manner.

Take a look around
Browse through some highlights below, or to get a true feel for the quality of execution visit to take a look.
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Building trust with the user
ft europlan website redesign testimonials

Testimonials as social proof, to build trust

Seth Godin said it best – “The most important thing in marketing is: do they trust me enough to believe my promises?”

Translated to the work we do – building trust with your user is one of the most important aspects of conversion. If the user doesn’t truly believe that you can deliver the outcomes you claim, the chances of converting that user into a lead or customer are next to nothing.

So to help Europlan build trust with new users (potential customers), we were very deliberate about designing in highly visual testimonial content throughout the entire website, further supported by the logos of well known brands, that in turn link through to related projects to tell the full story.

Driving email signups
ft europlan website redesign email signup

Helping to grow the email database

One of the primary project goals was to drive email database growth, but in an unobtrusive, organic manner (i.e. no pop-ups please!). It was also important to make sure there was some smarts around the database – we needed to collect more than just an email address.

To facilitate this we designed in a simple, one step signup form into the sitewide footer so that no matter which page the user is on, they can very quickly join the list without having to fill in a large complicated form. Then, in order to get further background on the subscriber, we redirect them to a “complete your profile” page where we ask for a little more information. In addition, every signup form on the website includes an opt-in field.

All of the above functionality integrates directly with Campaign Monitor email marketing software to eliminate the need for any double entry.

Strong brand representation
ft europlan website redesign brand pattern

Getting the new brand identity out there for the world to see!

The new Europlan brand style was designed to be bold, yet approachable. As part of meeting the “bold” part of this brief, their brand agency had included a striking brand device, supported by a range of vivid colours to really bring the new identity to life.

To ensure this component of the brand was strongly represented on the new website, we incorporated this style into the email signup form which is present on every page. In addition, throughout all pages of the site the Europlan team can add a “pullquote” layout which incorporates this same background style, and easily choose in the CMS which background colour they’d like to run with, in order to make full use of the brand colour palette.

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