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Scratch is an expert email marketing company. We design, build and send great looking email campaigns that deliver results.

Continental Cars

Responsive email campaigns and email newsletters for Continental Cars Volkswagen & Porsche
These email campaigns drive customer engagement and generate leads across the business.

Date published: 10/08/2014
5 / 5 stars

Scratch drive our email marketing strategy, every month delivering beautifully designed email newsletters that drive website traffic and make the phone ring. - Tony Moore, Europlan Group


Want to keep your customers coming back?

Then email is a powerful tool that you can’t afford to overlook. Email delivers the highest ROI of all digital channels, and this is more true in 2014 than ever before. Done right, email really works – and we make it easy.

How we get results from email marketing.

By figuring out what value you can add for your subscribers then aligning this with your business goals, we’ll be able to help you send email campaigns that deliver results.


Managed email marketing

Being a smaller business, we get how hard it can be to divert precious hours into the important but less urgent things like email marketing.

By allowing us to take responsibility for driving your email marketing you can be confident that every month (or however often we agree), your email marketing WILL happen. We’ll be in touch to discuss content, then go away and write, design, send and report back on your campaign.


Email marketing strategy

Often we find that due thought hasn’t been given to the big picture, so before anything else we take some time to piece everything together.

What value can you add for your customers/subscribers through email marketing? What are you hoping to achieve; I.E. what are your business objectives? We’ll help you develop an email marketing strategy that aligns your business goals with what your subscribers want, so you have a framework to move forward with.


Email design

Depending on your industry and the size of your business, you’ll have about 3 seconds to turn a subscriber into a reader…

Then you’ll have about 10 seconds of their attention (at best), before they move on to the next thing. To help you get the best possible cut-through we’ll design you a great looking email that is in line with your brand and that allows your readers to quickly scan and digest the content of your email.


Mobile optimisation

With 41% of subscribers first opening emails on their mobile devices, responsive email design is no longer optional.

Every email designed by Scratch will display a mobile-friendly alternative, which means the reader is able to easily digest the content without having to pinch, turn & zoom. Without responsive design it’s unlikely your subscribers will make the effort to read your email, much less take the next step and click-through!


Conversion landing pages

The ideal outcome of somebody clicking a link in your email is usually that they turn convert in some way, be it an email lead, online sale or phone call.

To help achieve this we recommend the use of a purpose-built landing page, for example, if you have a “register now” link in your email, we’ll create a landing page that is 100% relevant to the link they clicked, and that has a form the customer can fill in to register. This may seem like common sense, but often we see links that go to a homepage, where 9 times out of 10 you’ll lose them.


Email copywriting

Know what you want to say but struggling when it comes to getting it down on paper? We understand how hard this can be.

More importantly, we understand how crucial it is to get this part right!
Personality and tone. Layout. Sentence structure. Spelling, grammar & punctuation. All of these become that much more important when you arrive in a customers inbox. We offer a professional email copywriting service, to make sure your message is delivered as clearly and concisely as possible.


Email database management

Who wants to spend hours on end staring at a page of customer information trying to tidy-up and get your subscriber list ready for importing?  We do!

If you aren’t too flash in Excel – or just don’t have the time – let us take the hassle out of database management. We’ll be happy to help cleanse, validate and de-duplicate your data, so you can get on with doing the things that make you money.

Scratch email marketing software

ScratchMail is a powerful and reliable email marketing software platform we use to send & measure email campaigns for our clients.

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Manage Subscribers

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Send Email Campaigns

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Measure Results

Grow and manage your audience

Powerful subscriber management
The subscriber management functionality within ScratchMail in itself is a very powerful tool. You are able to setup unlimited lists and subscribers with custom data fields so you can store any information you require about each person. This means you can easily segment your customer data to create highly personalised campaigns.

Growing your lists
We also make growing your list(s) extremely easy with the option to import from excel, integrate with your CRM system, add a widget to your website, integrate with your eCommerce checkout or other web forms, or use our iPad app for on-premise & event signups.


Clever sending features

Industry leading deliverability
ScratchMail offers industry-leading deliverability, so by default you can be confident that your email is going to reach your customers inbox.

Testing & optimisation
To help boost campaign performance ScratchMail also offers tools such as inbox preview & spam testing (to ensure your campaign looks good & won’t get caught in spam filters) + A/B split testing so you can try out different content, subject lines or sender names to see which work best.

We are also able to setup clever automated emails for things like reminders & followup emails + are able to schedule your campaigns in advance so you can be sure your email is delivered at the optimal time of day.


Seriously addictive reports & metrics

If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.
With the level of reporting on offer from ScratchMail, you’ll instantly know what works and what doesn’t.

In-depth metrics
At the top level, easy-on-the-eye reports show you open, click, social sharing, bounce & unsubscribe rates, with the ability to see which content was most popular and which part of the email they clicked through from. Then drill down to subscriber level – which email campaigns did James Brown open, which links did he click and how many times.

Export to excel
If you want to get really down & dirty then export the results to Excel and slice & dice ’til your hearts content. There really isn’t anything you can’t find out with the metrics and report data available.


Key features of ScratchMail

With more than 100 features, ScratchMail is built to deliver results.

Email Sign-up

Grow your email list.

ScratchMail makes it easy for us to help grow your email database, with the ability to quickly add a subscription form to your website or even integrate with your eCommerce checkout or Facebook page. If customers come to you, consider our iPad subscription app.


Engage your customers.

We don't just mean "Hi John". We're talking next level personalisation - inserting information specific to each subscriber, for example a product they purchased from you. Anything you store in your custom fields can be inserted into an email.

A/B Testing

No more guessing games!

Try out two different subject lines, sender names or completely different emails to see which version is more effective. ScratchMail will send two options to a sample of your database then automatically send the winner to everyone else.

List Management

No more spreadsheets!

ScratchMail has advanced list management tools to help you manage your subscribers. We can setup as many lists as you need with no subscriber limits and add custom fields to store personal data about each person. Bounces and unsubscribes are managed automatically.

Beautiful Reports

Measure & optimise your campaigns.

As soon as we send a campaign, the data starts rolling in. Who opened the email campaign, who clicked on which links and how many times. Social reporting also shows if people forwarded your email or shared on social media.

Subscriber Snapshot

Get up close and personal.

ScratchMail allows you to really get to know your subscribers by providing a snapshow overview of each person (including a photo if one is publicly available). Here you can see every open, click and share in the life of that subscriber, as well as which email client they prefer.

Spam Testing

Reach the inbox every time.

ScratchMail will help ensure your content isn’t triggering spam filters by scanning for “spammy words”, and passing your email through real spam filters to tell you how it performed.

Inbox Preview

Look good everywhere.

Making sure the dozens of different email clients that people use display your email correctly is a challenge, to say the least. ScratchMail with a single click allows us to see your email as it appears in all the main email clients, including mobile devices.