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Scratch is an eCommerce website design company in Auckland concerned with one thing only - improving your bottom line.

The Blind Store

The BlindStore was formed in late 2013 and required an eCommerce website that allowed customers to get an instant quote based on the size and specification of their blinds and then purchase - all with little or no customer contact.

Date published: 10/08/2014
5 / 5 stars

Scratch designed a wonderfully visual eCommerce website for Auckland Seafood School that delivered a 19% increase in the number of online orders over the first 9 months.

- Jo Cooper, Auckland Seafood School


Are you leaving money on the table?

Think about your website the same way you would your best salesperson.
Is it providing the information your customers need to make a purchase decision?
Does it address every objection and deliver a simple and stress-free experience?
If not, you’re missing out on sales.

How we build eCommerce websites that sell.

By taking the time to carefully plan your project and spending time on the important details, we’ll design & build you a great looking, high performing eCommerce website.


Clever product planning

Planning your product catalogue may seem like a minor detail, but this planning determines how easy it is for customers to find what they’re looking for!

Product planning also influences how high your website will rank on Google for specific product search terms. So to make sure your website performs, we spend the time with you on this planning to make sure the foundations of your website are solid.


Simple checkout process

Depending on your industry around 70% of all eCommerce visitors will abandon their shopping cart.  

Our checkout process has been designed to global best practice standards, with clear intuitive steps and includes content to overcome common customer objections such as shipping cost & security concerns.


Google-friendly design

Your website code and the eCommerce platform itself has a significant influence over how visible your website is to search engines. 

We code & structure all our eCommerce websites to best practice guidelines, making sure that Google can index every page on your website. In addition, our eCommerce platform is one of the most search-friendly on the planet.


Mobile-friendly design

Whether or not to invest in responsive design is a key consideration if you are looking at building an eCommerce website.

If somebody takes the time to visit your website on a mobile device, this means they have strong intent (either to purchase or research) – so make sure they can! When you talk to Scratch about your eCommerce website, we’ll have a discussion around responsive design so you can better understand the benefits.


High quality photos

The old saying “a picture paints a thousand words” couldn’t be more relevant when it comes to getting people to press the buy now button.

That’s why our eCommerce websites offer flexible options for you to include multiple high resolution photos of each product. If your customer can see your product from every angle they’ll be able to make that “buy now” decision, and will be less likely to send back the goods.


Intuitive user experience

When it comes to designing a seamless user experience, it really is the little things that matter.

Subtle features and effects you may not even notice can make a huge difference to the customers learning experience and their perception of your brand. All our eCommerce websites go down to this level of detail – for example when you mouse over a product image, swapping this for another photo from a different angle to assist in the “click through” decision.

eCommerce website features

Our eCommerce websites include a range of clever features to help improve user experience, engage customers and convert business.

Coupon Codes

Incentivise customers with exclusive discounts

Easily create and manage a range of different coupon codes to use in your marketing and for other purposes such as customer rewards. Examples - offer a 15% discount of a certain product range. Or a $20 credit to use storewide.

Dynamic Pricing

Entice customers with special automatic discounts

A powerful pricing feature that enables you to offer discounts that are automatically applied when a customer order matches specified conditions, e.g. buy 4 or more of a certain product, and save 15%.

Product Reviews

Engage customers and improve SEO

Product reviews on an eCommerce website are key in helping to build trust, therefore improving conversion. They are also very SEO-friendly, so help your website to get found!

Abandoned Checkout Recovery

Tackle the 70% of users that abandon their shopping cart.

When a logged-in customer adds an item to their cart and doesn’t complete their order, automatically send an email encouraging them to come back and pick up where they left off.

Email Marketing

Keep your customers coming back

Email is one the most effective eCommerce marketing mediums available. Your eCommerce website by Scratch will be integrated with our email marketing software so you can easily send targeted email campaigns.

Gift Vouchers

Allow customers to buy and send gift vouchers

Sell & manage electronic gift certificates on your eCommerce website (pre-defined or customer-defined denomination). Customers can then purchase and email to the recipient(s) with a personal message.

Subscription Billing

Take the hassle out of recurring payments

Sell products that require recurring payments on your eCommerce website. Recurring payments can be per day, week, month or year. Shipping, discounts & taxes are included and if required you can add a duration and/or sign-up fee.

Event Ticketing

Sell tickets to your upcoming event(s)

Sell & manage tickets for an event (or multiple events) on your website, forget about third-party websites and their associated fees/commission costs. A flexible & powerful eCommerce website add-on.


Manage your availability and take online bookings

Sell date or time-based bookings on your website - ideal for businesses wanting to manage availability and take online bookings & payment for appointments and service based products.

Hosting & Support

We're only a phone call away

Your eCommerce website will be hosted on a secure business-grade server farm in Auckland. We’re only a phone call away for any assistance you may require with managing your eCommerce website.
Payment Methods
Our recommended payment gateway provider is DPS. You can also opt to receive payment via Bank Transfer or other providers such as PayPal.
Extremely flexible shipping options from simple configuration such as flat-rate or free, to complex calculations based on weight, price, location and more.
Inventory Management
Define initial stock levels for all, some or none of your products. As items are sold inventory levels are adjusted automatically.
GST is all taken care of. Choose whether to enter prices including or excluding GST + setup different tax classes if required.
Accounting Integration
Easy integration between your eCommerce website and cloud-based accounting systems such as Xero and Freshbooks. Custom development available for other account packages.
Import & Export
Get up and running quickly, with tools available to import your entire product catalogue as well as existing customers and previous orders. Export everything you need back to excel if required.
Google Analytics
Measure everything and calculate true ROI with advanced Google Analytics integration. Look at everything from the big picture down to individual orders.
Enable your customers to quickly save products of interest for future reference. From their Wishlist they can then easily add to cart and complete their purchase
Product Filtering
Advanced filtering to ensure customers can find the products they want. Allow filtering based on what your customers care about, be-it price, brand, colour, or attributes that are specific to your industry.
Related Products
Configure related products to be shown to a customer when viewing a particular product, to keep them engaged and increase the chance of a sale.
Customer Emails
Keep your customer up to date on the status of their order with personalised automatic emails sent at appropriate times.
iPhone App
Keep your finger on the pulse with an iPhone app designed to help you manage your eCommerce store on the go. Access your full product catalogue, view orders and more.

Managing your eCommerce website

Manage your products, keep track of orders and monitor results with ease.

ecommerce-icon-products ecommerce-icon-products-selected

Manage Products

ecommerce-icon-orders ecommerce-icon-orders-selected

Manage Orders

ecommerce-icon-analytics ecommerce-icon-analytics-selected

eCommerce Reports

Showcase Your Products

Loading your products
Easily load your products into your eCommerce website with photos and supporting information. Organise your products into categories so your customers can easily find what they’re looking for.

Complex products
Managing complex products with attributes such as colour & size is easy using the variable product type.

Sell one product, or thousands
There are no limits on the number of products you are able to list on your website, and you are able to import from a csv file if this is available.


Keep track of orders from your eCommerce website

Respond quickly
When a new order comes in you’ll be notified by email within seconds, allowing you to respond quickly and ship the product.

Manage your orders
Search and filter your orders, then view an individual order to see more detail such as order items, discount and customer notes. Also add private notes as the order is processed to stay organised.

Order Status
Use the order status setting to keep track of where everything is at – when you change an order status, an appropriate notification is automatically sent to your customer, keeping them up to date.


Easy on the eye reports to help you make decisions

Your online store at a glance – month to date sales, Google Analytics information, popular products email subscribers and more.

Report from every angle
Define a time period then report in a graphical format on everything from orders and products to customers, inventory & coupon usage.

Export to excel
If the standard reporting function doesn’t suffice, export your data to excel so you can slice and dice however you like.